Careers in Gaming Conference at IGX

A unique platform for educational institutions and studios

Over 500,000 Indians study around the world, second only to China

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Greater demand: Game development is growing rapidly, from 10 studios in 2010 to over 250 studios in 2015 (Nasscom)

A majority of the IGX audience consists of students and young adults (ages 15-25)

Our visitors are gamers or interested in gaming, and therefore more inclined to pursue careers in gaming and animation

Careers in Gaming Conference

The Careers in Gaming Conference will play host to wide-ranging keynote speeches, workshops and panel discussions highlighting the educational and career opportunities within the gaming industry. The conference will featuring university faculty and students, top executives from leading game development studios, and industry experts.

Tentative line-up of sessions at CIGC 2018:
  • Unleash your creativity: How writing, music and art combine for compelling gaming experiences
  • Gaming for good: How gaming is being used in education, professional training, social awareness campaigns, and more
  • Dispelling gaming misconceptions: The world’s fastest growing entertainment industry is often misunderstood in India, but presents a promising career path for today’s youth
  • Career avenues gaming: From the creative to the analytical, gaming provides a vast array of career options across numerous disciplines
  • Gaming as sport: eSports is growing rapidly around the world and presents opportunities for competitive gamers and the industry as a whole
Participant profile
  • Colleges and universities seeking students for game development courses
  • Training and counselling centres that can guide students keen to pursue careers in gaming
  • Game development companies, who can partner with universities and attract bright talent
  • Brands and financial institutions that support students pursuing education and careers in gaming