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Online Cosplay Competition

Enter the IGX Game Face Online Cosplay Competition to win
Amazon gift vouchers and return airfare to IGX 2017 in Mumbai

IGX Game Face 2017 Online Cosplay Competition
Rules and Regulations
How to Enter:
1. Submit a photo of your gaming-themed cosplay and mail it to us at
along with the following details.
    • Your full name
    • Character and the series you are cosplaying from (eg. Kratos from God of War)
    • Description: (No more than 500 words which should include details on how you made your costume, materials used, etc)
    • Photographer name (optional)
    • Contact Number
    • Address  

2. Each entry must be accompanied by a 10-20 second video clip that showcases the cosplay
– cosplayer can perform any pose/stunt/action in the video clip which highlights their
costume to the fullest. This video can even be shot by a mobile camera – it just needs to be
clearly visible.  

3. If your entry complies with our submission rules, your photo will be uploaded with the
description on our IGX Facebook page.

Prizes / Terms and Conditions
  • The winner of the IGX Game Face 2017 Online Cosplay Competition will receive a Rs
  • 5,000 gift card, and a return flight ticket to IGX 2017, which will be held in
  • Mumbai on November 18 and 19 2017.
  • Each of the cosplayers will get an opportunity to display their cosplay at the IGX Cosplay Booth, as well as on stage during the Cosplay Competition for both days of the event.
  • Prizes for the online competition will be given out before the IGX event.
  • If the winner resides in Mumbai, they will not be compensated for the flight prize in cash or kind.
  • Amazon gift card will be sent to the email address that was used to register for the competition.
  • The IGX team will coordinate with the winner for flight booking dates. This flightprize is only valid for travel during IGX dates.
  • No cost of travel to/from airports or within Mumbai will be covered by IGX.
  • IGX is not responsible for any luggage allowance that is incurred while travelling.
  • IGX will not provide accommodation for the winner in Mumbai.      

1. Winners will be chosen by our internal judging committee comprised of several Indian
cosplayers and members of the gaming industry.

2. The number of 'Likes' on each entry displayed on the IGX Facebook page will only
contribute to a small percentage of the overall decision. Voting via spam or duplicate
Facebook profiles is strictly not allowed. If discovered, those entries will lose a certain
amount of points.     

Cosplay Submission Rules
1. The character that you submit must be of video game origin.
Popular characters from other media (eg. comic book superheroes, TV shows, movies) do
not qualify, even if they are featured in their own games. For example, The Amazing
Spiderman video game adaptions would not qualify because the design is originally from the
live-action movie which it is based on.
However, characters which have an original design based on their game are qualified. For
example, Spiderman's design from the upcoming Spiderman game for Playstation 4.
Batman’s design from the Arkham or Injustice games.

2. Outfits should not be overly revealing as to constitute indecent exposure and should be
appropriate for a family audience. No statements containing profanity or political/religious
commentary – including messages on costumes or props – will be allowed.

3. In order to conform to the rules of cosplay craftsmanship judging, all participations
entering must petition that their outfit is an original creation. An outfit is considered an
"original" creation if the said outfit's articles can fit the following criteria:
    • Created from scratch using fabric or foam material
    • Store bought costumes are allowed but must be specifically mentioned in your description
    • Generic in nature (socks, undershirts, undergarments)
    • Modified from pre-existing materials (shoes, belts, shirts)

4. The images submitted should be in JPG or PNG format. The minimum resolution of the
image should be 800 x 600, with the file size being no larger than 2 MB.

5. Each entry can only send the following:
  • Front, back and 3/4 images to highlight all the sides and finish of the costume (for Judging purposes)
  • One video taken in landscape mode (For judging purposes)
  • A single “best” image of your cosplay, which will be uploaded to the IGX Facebook page (other images and your video will not be uploaded)

6. Photoshopping or editing of images for colour correction purposes is allowed. However,
heavy editing would receive fewer points if the judges feel the cosplay image has been
greatly morphed or changed. For example, background swapping, too many effects applied, etc. 

7. The last date for submission of entries is October 27, 2017.

For any queries, please message or contact us at